About the plugin

What is RPGInventory for? This is a powerful tool for changing inventory to your taste. With it, you can make the server even more atmospheric. You can add slots for new types of armor, amulets, rings, add items that can only use certain classes and levels. You can add to the server of pets and mounts that will have different properties. The plugin can use the capabilities of other plug-ins (Skills, RaC, Heroes, SkillAPI, etc.).

Where to begin?

Before the purchase plugin, see the free version.
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How it works

Everyone knows that with the help of plug-ins you can not create new graphical interfaces or modify existing ones (unless you have, of course, Spout) and for this you need mods. But often, fashion is a superfluous nuisance: you need to collect your client, make a launcher to download this client, make a site for authorization in the launcher, make protection and go-go. It's much easier to make a server without using mods.

But how do you manage without them if you really want to change your inventory? For example, add a slot for gloves or rings. We found a way to do this without changing the client.

In Minecraft 1.9 added the ability to change the texture of objects by their strength, which made it possible to add more than 5000 new textures to the game using the resource. We will use this opportunity. We take an ordinary double chest and lay unused slots with a gray texture, and in place of the used slots we put the texture of the slot icon to make it clear that this slot is placed.

Here's what comes of it: