Placeholder - this (in our case) is a stub instead of which the desired value will be presented. For example, if we write /weather %WORLD% clear, %WORLD% acts here as a placeholder and when the team is executed will be replaced by the name of the world in which the player is located. As you managed to notice, the placeholder is surrounded by the signs of a percentage.

List of possible placeholders

RPGInventory supports placeholders from Placeholder API , and also adds its placeholders there.

Placeholder APIDescription
%rpginv_damage_bonus% Damage bonus from items
%rpginv_bow_damage_bonus% Bow Damage Bonus
%rpginv_hand_damage_bonus% Bonus damage without weapons
%rpginv_crit_damage_bonus% Critical Damage Bonus
%rpginv_crit_chance% Critical Damage Chance
%rpginv_armor_bonus% Reservation Bonus
%rpginv_speed_bonus% Bonus to speed
%rpginv_jump_bonus% Bonus to the jump