Value Types

Here all possible types of parameter values ​​are considered, except very simple ones, such as numbers.

Simple Types

Here we describe the basic types of values ​​that are used everywhere. They should be sure to know.


Lists can consist of any other types and have two ways of recording:

  1. Each list item with a new line, starting with “- ”
  2. Elements are written in one line, separated by commas and surrounded by square brackets:
    [element 1, element 2, …, element]


# Row Lists
- "&o&eFew own this skill..."
- "&o&eBut even fewer who own well"
option: [Mage, Warrior, Rogue]
# Lists of numbers
- 12
- 45
option: [12, 45]


A string can contain any character set. If spaces are used in a line, then it should be enclosed in quotation marks. Strings support color codes, unless otherwise indicated. Before the color code, the symbol & .


# Simple lines with and without space
option: Sword
option: "Two-handed Sword"
# Use of color codes (the inscription will turn out to be yellow and will be written in italics)
option: "&o&eNot everyone knows how to use this..."
# List of Rows
- "&o&eFew own this skill..."
- "&o&eBut even fewer who own well"

Boolean type

This type is a kind of switch. May be set to true (consent) or false (failure). Used to turn on / off various functions, etc.


# Enable the option
option: true
# Enable the option
option: false

Texture (and material)

This parameter is an object or block (hereinafter referred to as material) that will be used. You can see list of all possible materials. These names differ from the original English names в Minecraft'е.

Through the colon without space you can specify Data ID. This may be needed for materials that have different texture variations (for example: logs, wool, clay, dyes, etc.). In addition, on-site Data ID you can indicate the breakdown of the object, that is, you can use the MC 1.9+ feature to create a large number of textures using the strength of one object.

Starting with version 1.9, To use different variations of the egg calling, you should not specify a colon Data ID, а название существа.


# Simple material (workbench)
# Material c Data ID (orange glass panel)
# Material c spent strength (diamond hoe with 23 strength points spent)
option: DIAMOND_HOE:23
# Egg prizes before and after 1.9 (in both cases, the cryper is invoked)
option: MONSTER_EGG:50
option: MONSTER_EGG:Creeper